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Custom Wood Wine Racking

On this page you will see the various ways in which to hold and store your precious wine collection in your custom designed cellar. We offer many different types of wood racks (All Heart Redwood wine racking being the most popular) to include Alder and a few other wood choices that will not warp or mildew in a wine cellar. Redwood as shown below in its natural state, will turn darker as the years go by. Additional pictures will help give you ideas for your own custom wine cellar. 

This cellar, 3 across, features 2 decanting areas with cabinet below, diamond bins & display row.

We did a conversion of the back wall on the picture to the right to this design to display decanters, liquor and a cabinet for storage for our client. 

Adding beautiful tile behind decanting areas on the wall adds elegance and style to wine cellars.

Custom Wine Cellar added in a remodel in Huntington Beach, CA

This little closet proved to be an excellent place to convert into a fully cooler proper wine cellar for our customer in her family room in Irvine, CA

Add something special to add to your decanting area focal point, double deep on bottom creates a nice countertop.

This All Heart Redwood racking, includes a quarter round cabinet, glass rack and wood case storage.

We had only a deep narrow space to maximize capacity so both sides are double deep with waterfall feature for wood case storage.

Under the Stairs Cellars are expensive per bottle space to do. Plan on a  Turnkey price from $25 to $33 depending on design.

Adding a wine cellar under a staircase is very popular. Cooling the area can be difficult but our refrigeration contractor can help make it all possible. With 4 custom doors, plan to spend $30K to $40K turnkey.

Very versatile cellar with decanting area, glass rack, places for wood cases, lighted display row & drawers.

Our client liked to collect large format bottles so this creative design allowed space for magnums and openings for much large format bottles as well in the future. Bins were added for liquor.