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April, 2004 "Custom Cellars"

"Specializing in custom wine cellars, Valentini's offers superior design, complete project management and superior installation by quality craftsmen nationwide for residential and commercial applications."


"Many people think a wine cellar is always underground. But the majority of wine cellars from Valentiis' Custom Wine Cellars are located in any area of the home.

Specializing in custom cellars, Valentini's offers superior design, complete project management, and superior craftsmen, available nationwide for residential and commercial applications. The racks are constructed from the finest clear, all -heart redwood available - a rare type of wood - because only the heart of the redwood tree resists rot and mildew."

Las Vegas Life

March, 2004

Cellars Market

Professional Advice for Home Wine Storage

March, 2004

"Many people believe they can leave red wine out, but it has the same properties and capacity for going bad as white wines stored outside proper climate control."

East Valley Magazine

Jan./Feb., 2002


"Temperature fluctuations, light, movement and lack of humidity all can result in permanent damage to the delicate nature of wine (red or white)" "Ideal temperature being between 55 & 60 degrees."  

Touring & Tasting Magazine

Santa Barbara, CA

Spring & Summer, 2002


"Unlike the classic homes of Europe, typical American homes do not come complete with a wine cellar. In fact, most homes don't even have those wine-friendly dark, cool and humid basements." (A passive cellar w/o climate control is not ever suggested for U.S. cellars.) An "active" cellar with proper climate control systems are critical.


Brooklyn, NY 2001

"Kathleen Valentini designed and built a 'one stop design and build shop' for those who are serious abut their wine storage. Kathleen has a long history of designing and constructing high quality cellars for 600 to 6,000 bottles."



"Showroom designed by Kathleen adds a touch of Tuscany with faux stone arches, wine tasting or work table for floor plans and a 2,000 bottle cellar displaying various design components. This showroom featured beautiful wine lockers for rent for her customers."

Departures Magazine

May 2001

"For Arizona wine collectors, Jim & Judy Jenks, Valentini's equipped this cellar with double-deep redwood racks, enabling the tight space to hold 3,000 bottles. The "waterfall rack" shows off their favorite wine."

Jenks Cellar

Paradise Valley Independent


Owner, Kathleen Bonner, has built a successful business which meets the needs of the Valley's wine enthusiasts. "I enjoy educating people on why and how to properly store wine in this environment."

Unique Homes

November 2000

"An interest in custom-designed home wine cellars is bubbling over among wine enthusiasts and collectors.

A 14' x 20' area can store up to 2,500 bottles (an average wine cellar)."