Photo Gallery of Custom Wine Cellars

Before and After of our "Alcove Cellars" added to dining or living rooms, Newport Beach, CA:

Before and After Wine Wall: Newport Coast, CA

Added a wine closet at the end of a hallway in a Contemporary Home in

Newport Beach, CA

Small Wine Closet with metal racking and custom wood racking for more flexibility in storage in Huntington Beach, CA

You can use many different types of racking in Alcove cellars but you must have framed walls and framed double pane glass either in stained or painted wood or metal frames of your choice.

I'm focusing now on doors here because of having to redo so many wine cellars built incorrectly with improper glass walls & frameless doors. Please call with any questions!

Before and After of a porch turned into a beautiful wine cellar in Hillsborough, CA.

Under-the-Stairs Wine Cellars are a popular option:

Store Wine Properly to Prevent "Corked Wine"

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