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Many Metal Wine Rack Options

This Newport Coast wine cellar has so many beautiful elements to include neck out metal racks, label out aluminum racks, custom wood cabinetry and custom tongue & groove ceiling.

Our client had a large collection of wine to store so we used every corner in niche for maximum capacity.  The label out mixed with neck out metal pins gives more interest and dimension and diamond bins for magnums.

This beautiful cellar also included a sink, custom cabinets with shelves, drawers, LED lighted display bottles and diamond bins for any size bottles.

This new vino Post System shows labels on both sides floor to ceiling. You can space out your wine to have a clearer view into the room or put closer together.

This was a bare wall at the end of a hallway that we built a wine cellar into the niche with  black pins and custom dual pane doors in Newport Beach.

Using metal pins can go on drywall, paneling as well as quartz (just a bit hard to drill).  Metal options are Gun Metal, Golden Brass, Matte Black, Aluminum.

These label out racking system can be used for a more commercial look.

These two pictures are under the stairs using custom All Heart Redwood racking and single deep Ultra Racks which can be seen through a dual pane glass window in Newport Beach.

This wine wall has many racking elements; neck out bottles, display row and custom shelving for more flexibility and a contemporary look.

Vino pins in Aluminum Finish double deep.

This design is for an add-on wine cellar in an existing room. The glass wall will be seen as you enter the home. It must be dual pane glass as well as the cellar door. 

This wall has double deep wood racking below and single deep above creating a countertop with neck out and label out metal racks above.  

The opposite wall also has paneling with neck out racks on each side and label out pins in the center for added interest and dimension. 

We added a wine cellar in an unused area using Ultra Peg System and custom dual pane doors in Redondo Beach.

We used Zebra Wood as paneling for these metal racks to match the other cabinetry in the room.

Mixing it up in a wine cellar with metal and wood adds more interest; bottle coves with label out adds a nice finish to an end section. 

VintageView Racking used at Mastro's Ocean Club in Scottsdale, AZ restaurant.

Vino Pins in Black Matte Finish.

Vino Pins 3 deep in Gunmetal Finish.

Vino Pins 3 deep in Golden Bronze Finish.

Vino Rails in Aluminum Finish.

Vino Rails in Golden Bronze Finish.