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Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Selecting the proper system to cool your wine cellar is imperative to successfully storing and aging your prized wines. The ideal cellar environment is a temperature of 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity level range between 50-70%. The best way to select a system is for us to do a load calculation. This is a more precise measurement. We take the room dimensions, room insulation and use of window glass to determine exactly which wine cellar cooling unit will work best for you. Please contact us for more assistance in selecting the best wine refrigeration unit for your custom cellar. Please be prepared to provide us with the dimensions of your cellar, the level of wall insulation and dimensions of all glass windows or doors.

We recommend Commercial Grade Systems. The quiet, ducted systems are located outside the wine cellar and the supply and return air is ducted to and from the wine cellar, if there is enough room. Another less expensive option would be a custom built split system which includes a commercial grade evaporator/fan installed in the ceiling or wall with ducting done during framing to a compressor placed outside the home or in a properly vented mechanical room. These wine refrigeration units look like a central air-conditioning system but does not "dry out" the room but keeps the room humidified at sufficient levels. Each unit is custom build to your cellar requirements and comes equipped with electronic controls and digital displays. 

These units are not off-the-shelf refrigeration systems but are modified by our wine refrigeration factory.

We understand that no two wine cellars are the same and your options for cooling them should not be either. With a few simple details about the space we will accurately calculate the size requirements, suggest equipment styles and placement, and promptly present multiple budget ideas.

Options available with these units are alarm modules but we also recommend a temperature alert system which will notify you in case of temperature deviation and can also be purchased from your home security company. Please call for information.

These commercial grade refrigeration systems are each customized for your cellar requirements. 

Ducted Cooling System

  • Remote location produces no noise in the wine cellar
  • Occupies no space in the wine cellar
  • Provides static pressure for duct runs up to a total of 50′
  • Rust-proof and insulated aluminum housing
  • Permanently lubricated motor is thermally protected
  • Factory installed Automatic Expansion valve ensures constant coil temperature to achieve “Humidity Balance”
  • Factory installed Pump-down solenoid valve protects compressor
  • No additional control wiring required to thermostat
  • All units are pressure tested by the manufacturer to ensure quality
  • Factory wired for simple field installation
  • ETL certified

Low Profile-Quiet Series

The Low Profile-Quiet Series Wine Cellar / Humidor Cooling Units are an excellent choice for quiet, low maintenance long term storage. The LPQ is a ceiling mounted coil with a wide range of applications. A great selection for wine rooms with vaulted ceilings, humidors and fur closets to name a few. Requiring the least height clearance LPQ coils mount nicely in a soffit, above near ceiling height wine racking, or above the entryway. Chilled air is supplied behind the coil down the wall only needing a few inches clearance. Return air is pulled in the angled front producing terrific air circulation.

Standard LPQ Series systems use premium air cooled condensing units and operate on R134a refrigerant. Size range is 1,800 to 4,600 btu of cooling per hour.

Rack Cooler Series

The Wine Rack Cooler Series is incredibly versatile and our most popular system. This unit mounts horizontally with several removable access panels to redirect air flow. The coil can mount within the wine racking and be hidden from view by a louvered grill, in a soffit, or with simple modification can be ducted a short distance.

Standard RM Series systems use premium air cooled condensing units and operate on R134a refrigerant. Size range is 1,800 to 6,600 Btu of cooling per hour.

Wine Cabinet/Closet Cooling Units

The Wine Cabinet Cooler Series provides the most efficient “Cabinet Cooling vs. Space Requirement” ratio. It is perfect when a very low set point is desired, such as when storing white wines or Champagne at serving temperature.

The CC Series is the ideal choice for wine cabinets and wine closets. It is engineered to circulate refrigerated air in small to medium narrow spaces. The evaporator coil quietly moves air up to 10′ to the left and right of the coil and returns air in the front.

Standard CC Series systems use premium air cooled condensing units and operate on R134a refrigerant. Size range is 1,800 to 4,600 Btu of cooling per hour.

High quality cooling units below are for many applications from wine cabinets to some commercial applications. Choices of through-the-wall interior, exterior, split, self-contained and ducted. (110 volt and 220 volt) We will do the "loads" for you and suggest the type of unit and Btu requirements for your cellar. Extended warranty purchase from manufacturer is required.

CellarPro 4200Sx Wine Cooling Unit

CellarPro Air Handler Split 6500 Outdoor.