Nationally Recognized Custom Wine Cellars!

Thanks to a solid background in architecture, construction and the wine industry, Kathleen Valentini, owner of Valentini's Custom Wine Cellars, is a woman who understands wine, cellar design and proper storage and all aspects from design through construction and installation. Serious wine lovers are turning to her for experienced wine storage consulting and design of custom rooms or cellars with a climate-controlled environment for over 23 years.

We will specify electrical requirements, lighting, wall treatments and custom refrigeration systems. Surprisingly, "wine cellars" are not always built in a "cellar" but are often adjacent to a dining area with a glass door in order to admire the racking designs and wine collection. Kathleen works within the client's budget by using various custom designs and different wood and metal choices and can accommodate from 500 to more than 25,000 bottles and has clients from coast to coast. To check Valentini's many credentials and articles written in regional and national magazines, please review the "Press" pages on this site.

This unique and beautiful Tuscany style showroom has a cellar that holds over 2,000 bottles and features all components one can select as part of their wine cellar design and retail store. It also includes a tasting bar and wine lockers for 1,000 cases of wine stored in redwood lockers. This concept and showroom was entirely designed by Kathleen Valentini in 1998.

This video was done by a local television station in 2000. Kathleen's concept and designs for this showroom was the first of it's kind!


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These individually racked, locked wine lockers for rent hold 2 cases of wine.

These wine lockers offer 3 case and 6 case lockers for rent. The room holds over 1,000 cases of wine with two separate cooling systems (alternating) and has a alarm system if there are any fluctuations in temperature.